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    Background MOCTB

    The name MOCTB is derived from Slavic and our core activity.

    MOCT (most) means bridge and TB stands for Transport Broker, or a freight broker.
    MOCTB aims to offer you the best possible logistics solutions.

    We do this by listening carefully to your wishes and then using our knowledge,

    to use experience and dedication to realize this wish.


    MOCTB looks at the changes in a continuously moving market. By anticipating this with a flexible and customer-oriented attitude, we strive for excellent service.


    Offering transport solutions that result in a better competitive position for our customers. We do this by keeping contact with our customers, being service-oriented, personal and by offering specialist expertise at fair competitive rates..

    Transport to Scandinavia

    MOCTB MOCTB provides daily transports from the Benelux to Scandinavia and from Scandinavia throughout Europe.



    Daily Transport service to the Scandinavian countries:







    For more information about transport to and from Scandinavia, please leave a message in our callback request.

    How much does transport to Scandinavia cost?

    Transport to Southern Europe

    We can arrange transport to and from Southern Europe for you like no other. MOCTB has daily transport from the Benelux to Southern Europe and from Southern Europe to Benelux and Scandinavia.



    Daily transport service to Southern Europe:

    Spain - also temperature controlled transport.





    For more information about transport to and from Southern Europe, please leave a message in our callback request.

    What does transport to Southern Europe cost?

    Transport to Eastern Europe

    MOCTB is your partner for transporting heavy, large and exceptional transport to Eastern Europe and Cis countries.

    Every day we have vehicles on the road between Western and Eastern Europe. This enables us to offer fast and adequate solutions for your transport needs to Eastern Europe.


    • Construction machinery
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Silos
    • Other large / heavy equipment / exceptional transport
    • We advise on preparing the necessary freight documents and Customs actions


    Daily transport service for heavy transport to these Cis countries:


    For more information about heavy transport to and from Eastern Europe and Cis countries, please leave a message in our callback request option.

    What does transport cost for heavy transport to and from Eastern Europe and Cis countries?

    Safe transport between two destinations