Agricultural Transport

Agricultural transport in the Netherlands and Europe


Regel uw agrarisch transport met de kennis en ervaring van MOCTB. Wij transporteren agrarische producten door heel Europa. Tijdens het transport kunt u altijd op de hoogte gesteld worden over de voortgang en staat transparantie bij ons hoog in het vaandel. 

The agricultural transport demand is diverse. Therefore, we use various types of transport that will match the budget and product type.  


Most common agricultural products we transport.


Of u nou een incidentele transportvraag heeft, of een wekelijkse transportpartner zoekt? MOCTB kan u in beide gevallen uitstekend bijstaan. Producten die wij regelmatig transporteren zijn:   

  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Bulk (seeds, vegetables and fruit)
  • Agricultural Machinery


Of course, we can also transport other agricultural products, in addition to the above products. Due to our large network, we can give you a competitive offer
in almost every case. 


Our Drivers


Our drivers have the correct papers and training. We pay extra attention to hygiene and sufficient distance is maintained during loading and unloading. With these measures we try to reduce the risk of contamination as much as possible. 

This allows us to transport safely even in times of COVID-19. 

We understand that you may have specific questions regarding agricultural transport. We are available by phone or by email.