Handel tussen Nederland en Italië

Trade between the Netherlands and Italy

Trade between the Netherlands and Italy

Trade between the Netherlands and Italy is consistently in the top 10 of import and export. For example, more trade is conducted with Italy than between the Netherlands and, for example, Spain and Poland. Billions of euros are traded between the Netherlands and Italy every year. And after the corona crisis, the export and import of services has accelerated.

Main export to Italy

The main types of exports to Italy are foodstuffs, telecommunications equipment, electrical appliances, manufactured goods, primary plastics and organic chemicals (source: https://www.rvo.nl/onderwerpen/landen-en-velden/italie/handel).

Most important export from Italy to the Netherlands

Most imports from Italy to the Netherlands are machinery, medicinal and pharmaceutical products and electrical appliances. Italy is also known for its large and luxurious fashion industry with exports to countries in Europe and beyond. The “Made in Italy” products such as clothing, bags and wallets, and footwear are well known but do not make the largest contribution to exports. However, 58% of Italy's trading partner countries is a member of the European Union.

To manage all this export, and for opportunities to continue exporting, Italy is investing heavily in improving its infrastructure. This consists of building new tracks and ports, and improving airports and existing ports.

(Source: https://www.eib.org/en/press/all/2022-197-cap-group-receives-first-eib-green-loan-of-eur100-million-to-upgrade-water-infrastructure- in-milan)

Transport routes to and from Italy

We use various transport routes to and from Italy. This depends on the nature and destination of the goods. In addition, the nature of the goods and the method of transport also matter. We provide all types of transport such as: groupage- and FTL transportation, but also dry, conditioned as well dangerous goods (ADR). We always use conditioned transport for the transport of food, vegetables and fruit.
Within Italy, driving bans apply during the summer months and on certain (public) holidays. It is important for you and us to take this into account in advance. Ask here our driving ban calendar.

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Customized transport solutions, an agreement is an agreement

Regardless of what you want to have transported, how it should be transported and where your goods are going in Europe and specifically in Italy, MOCTB always finds the right transport solution for you.

At MOCTB We have a flat and very service-oriented organization, where you will have a permanent contact person who tailors the transport solution to your needs. MOCTB arranges your transport so that you get it the way you want it.

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