Driving bans Italy

Driving bans in Europe vary per country. It is therefore important to read the information below if you intend to organize transport to Italy. For tailor-made advice you can reach us via the general number or by sending an email to info@moctb.nl.


General information Italy

Area Spain:Number of inhabitants:Capital: Language: Currency:
301277 km² 60.7 million RomeItalianEuro


Driving bans in Italy 2024

In Italy, there is a driving ban for trucks with a gross train weight of 7.5 tons or more on Sundays and public holidays between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. In the summer months this applies from 7 a.m. to midnight. The driving ban for incoming freight traffic comes into effect four hours later. This is set to enable drivers to find an acceptable parking space. The driving ban for outgoing traffic ends two hours earlier. The condition is that the waybills show that the place of loading or unloading can be reached within that time.



In the summer months, in addition to the Sunday ban, there is also a driving ban on Saturdays. The exact dates will be announced in the spring.

An exemption may be granted for goods that are perishable. Furthermore, an exemption can be granted for vehicles with different weights and/or dimensions. Various Dutch road transport companies have their own subsidiary or branch office in Northern Italy.


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