Transport Finland

Transport Finland

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Do you have goods that need to be transported from or to Finland? We arrange transport to or from Finland, including waybills. The professional team at MOCTB has all the knowledge in-house to arrange this to measure! We like short lines. You have personal contact with one person who knows exactly the ins and outs of your transport. If you choose to go through MOCTB If you arrange transport to or from Finland, you can be assured that your goods will arrive on time and safely at the desired destination. So not only for transport to Finland, but also transport from Finland to any other European country is our specialty.

Customized transport to and from Finland

We always work towards solution-oriented customized transport. By this we mean that your transport wishes are translated into the best, safest and fastest delivery of your goods to their destination. Thanks to our (more than) 25 years of experience, knowledge and dedication, we can ensure that your goods to and from Finland and the other Scandinavian countries transport as you wish.

Personal, flexible and independent with a large international network

MOC takes care of every transport, refrigerated, ADR but also heated transportTB for a personal approach. Thanks to our large international network, we also ensure that your goods, from 1 pallet to a full container and from wood, fruit and vegetables to industrial machines, arrive at their destination. In addition, all transport is transparent. By road, water or multimodal transport, throughout Finland!

Transport to and from Finland consists of:

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  • LTL transportation
  • Groupage transport
  • Complete loads, FTL transport
  • Containers, by road or water
  • Conditioned transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • ADR transport

All you have to do is ask, we will arrange it for you! A customized quote or direct Contact, call us and request a quote!

Finland, the land of 1000 lakes!

Finland is a state in Northern Europe and borders Russia to the east and Russia to the north Norway and to the northwest Sweden. The Baltic Sea lies between Finland and Sweden. Finland belongs to the European Union but is not a member of NATO. However, it has been decided to join NATO. Most cities and towns in Finland are located in the south of the country. The population is very unevenly distributed across the country, the majority is located in the south, while in the north the country is virtually uninhabited. Finland is one of the least populated countries in Europe.

Finland is a typical industrial country within Europe. The most important export products are metal products such as machines and ships, processed wood and paper, electricity and electronic equipment. The Finnish logging industry is one of the largest in Europe.

Finland can be divided into 3 geographical regions:

South and West

In the south and west of Finland there is a low-lying coastal strip between 30 and 130 km wide. Most of the country's major cities are located in this area. One of those cities is the capital Helsinki. The urban area of Helsinki is home to more than a quarter of the total population. In addition, the cities of Tampere and Turku are of some size. This area of Finland also contains a lot of arable land.

1000 lakes!?

From the coastal strip, Finland turns into a huge forested area, also called the Finnish Lake Plain. This area contains approximately 60,000 lakes that are connected by short rivers, streams and canals. These form the waterways for commercial shipping. Finland is called the land of 1000 lakes, but in reality there are 168,000!


In the north of Finland, north of the Arctic Circle, lies the part of Finland that is part of Lapland. A sparsely wooded area that is not fertile. It is located on average at an altitude of 340 meters. In Lapland there is an average population density of less than 2 inhabitants per square kilometer and is therefore effectively uninhabited. Lapland covers the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

MOCTB transports the following for you:

  • Transport of machine parts
  • Transport of ship supplies
  • Transport of temperature controlled foods
  • Transport of frozen products
  • Transport of plants and (Christmas) trees
  • Transport of paper
  • Wine Transport
  • Transport of fresh produce products
  • Temperature controlled pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Temperature controlled partial loads
  • Part loads
  • Temperature controlled full loads
  • Full loads
  • Container transport
  • ADR goods/dangerous substances

Safe transport between two destinations