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Transport Greece

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Numerous transport vehicles are sent to various European countries every day to deliver pallets and containers, for example. Greece is a very popular destination where transport is arranged by MOCTB. This includes conditioned transport, groupage transport and ADR transport. MOCTB provides a well-organized groupage service and can therefore arrange all transport to Greece for you. Food products in particular such as dairy and eggs, but also vegetables and meat, medicinal and pharmaceutical goods, leave the Netherlands for Greece. But of course it can also be done the other way around or from Greece to other countries in Europe. If you choose MOCTB, then you can be sure that your goods will arrive at your desired destination on time and safely. This not only applies to transport to Greece, but also transport from Greece to any other European country is our specialty.

Customized transport with short lines and 1 contact person

Our lines are short. This way you have one contact person who knows exactly what is going on for your transport to and from Greece. We also always work solution-oriented and provide tailor-made transport. With more than 25 years of experience, knowledge and dedication, with a large reliable distribution network, we transport your goods to and from Southern Europe as you wish.

Refrigerated transport to Greece with reliable transporters

MOC takes care of every transport, refrigerated, ADR but also frozen transportTB for a personal approach. Through our network of reliable transporters, we ensure that your goods, from 1 pallet to multiple containers and fruit and vegetables, arrive at their destination under the right conditions. Transport is arranged in no time. With the right reliable and transparent partner MOCTB. By road, water or intermodal transport, throughout Greece!

Transport to and from Greece consists of:

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Need transportation? We will arrange it for you! A customized quote or direct Contact, call us and request a quote!


Greece is a country in Southeastern Europe and consists largely of the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula. Greece also has many islands. There are 6,000 islands that belong to Greece and together they form approximately 20% of the land area. Of all these islands, only 227 are inhabited. The largest islands are Crete, Euboea, Lesbos and Rhodes.

Greece borders Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey to the north. The rest of the mainland is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea.

Greece is divided into 13 regions, 9 of which are on the mainland and four of which consist of islands:


Triangular peninsula in central Greece consists mainly of urban areas and the Greek capital Athens.

Central Greece

Located in the middle of the Greek mainland. The most mountainous Greek region. The capital is Lamia.

Central Macedonia

This region is located in the north of the Greek mainland. Bordering Bulgaria and the country North Macedonia. The capital of this region is Thessaloniki.


The largest island in Greece. The capital is Heraklion

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Located in the northeast of the Greek mainland. Bordering Central Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The capital is Komotini.


Location in the northwestern part of the Greek mainland. The most mountainous area of Greece. Capital Ioannina.

Ionia Nisia

A Greek archipelago west of the Greek mainland. It is located in the Ionian Sea. Corfu is one of the islands with the capital Corfu of the same name.

Northern Aegean Islands

A large number of islands in the north of the Aegean Sea, between the Greek mainland and Turkey. Capital Mytilini. This also includes the islands of Lesbos and Samos.


Located in the south of the Greek mainland, on the Peloponnese peninsula. This region does not cover the entire peninsula. The northwest belongs to western Greece. The capital is Tripoli and it has the important port city of Patras.

South Aegean Islands

A large number of islands in the south of the Aegean Sea between the Greek mainland and Turkey. The capital is Ermoupoli. Well-known islands are Kos, Milos, Rhodes.


This region is centrally located on the mainland. Bordering Western and Central Macedonia, Epirus and Central Greece. The capital is Larisa.

Dytiki Ellada

Region located in the southwest of the Greek mainland and part of the Peloponnese peninsula. The important port city of Patras is located in this region. This is also the capital.

Dytiki Makedonia

Located in the north of the Greek mainland. It borders Epirus to the west, Thessaly to the south and Central Macedonia to the east. This is the least populated region of Greece. The capital is Kozani.

MOCTB transports the following for you:

  • Transport of fresh produce products
  • Transport of temperature controlled foods
  • Transport of frozen products
  • Transport of plants and (Christmas) trees
  • Transport of paper
  • Wine Transport
  • Transport of machine parts
  • Transport of ship supplies
  • Temperature controlled pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Temperature controlled partial loads
  • Part loads
  • Temperature controlled full loads
  • Full loads
  • Container transport
  • ADR goods/dangerous substances

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