Transport Norway

Transport Norway

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Have all your transport to and from Norway taken care of by MOCTB. Because there your logistics issue will be prepared with care and handled as agreed!

We take care of every type of transport from A to Z to and from Norway, but also to other Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland. By choosing MOCTB you can be assured that your goods will arrive safely and on time at the desired destination. Whether it concerns complete loads of fruit and vegetables to Oslo or a pallet of electrical parts to Bergen, all you have to do is ask and we will arrange it for you! Would you like to receive a quote? Request a quote!

MOCTB; provides daily transport to and from Norway

MOC is not only for transport from the Benelux to NorwayTB your partner, but also for the transport of goods from Norway to any other European country is our specialty. Depending on the destination, the average transit time is between 3 and 7 days.

Reliable and transparent, that is MOC's transport serviceTB

In recent years we have established a large network of partners. This enables us to provide reliable and transparent transport. We transport goods by road, but also by means of multimodal transport, to every region in Norway and of course in the rest of Scandinavia. Refrigerated transport, ADR transport but also heated transport are possible.

Customized transport and customs matters by MOCTB

Our working method is solution-oriented customized transport. With our knowledge, experience and dedication, we ensure that goods are transported to every region in Norway. To relieve you of your worries, this also includes customs formalities.

Norway does not belong to the European Union. To ensure transport is fast and reliable, we prefer to submit customs paperwork on your behalf. We take care of checks on all customs procedures. This ensures smooth and efficient handling of export and import declarations, transit documents, customs clearance and the application and preparation of EUR1 certificates.

You don't want to arrange this yourself, do you? We will arrange this for you!

Transport to and from Norway can consist of:

To ask? Or a customized quote? Take Contact Contact us and MOC will take care of and relieve you of your worriesTB your transport!

Information about Kingdom of Norway

Norway is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. It borders Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway's largest cities are mainly located along the southern half of the coast. Because Norway is long and narrow and has an unusually long coastline, large distances have to be covered for transport by road or water. There are many differences in nature. This has a major impact on Norway's infrastructure. Along the west coast, connections often rely on ferries. In addition, more and more tunnels and bridges are being built. The roads around large cities are good, but the provincial roads are often poorly maintained and suffer a lot from the very harsh winters.

Norway consists of 11 provinces:


Capital: Kristiansand


Capital: Hamar

More and Romsdal

Capital: Molde


Capital: Bodø


Capital: Oslo


Capital: Stavanger


Capital: Steinkjer

Troms og Finnmark

Capital: Tromso

Vestfold og Telemark

Capital: Skiing


Capital: Mons


Capital: Oslo, Drammen, Sarpsborg, Moss

MOCTB transports the following for you:

  • Transport of machine parts
  • Transport of ship supplies
  • Transport of temperature controlled foods
  • Transport of frozen products
  • Transport of plants and (Christmas) trees
  • Transport of paper
  • Wine Transport
  • Transport of fresh produce products
  • Temperature controlled pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Pallet distribution – groupage transport
  • Temperature controlled partial loads
  • Part loads
  • Temperature controlled full loads
  • Full loads
  • Container transport
  • ADR goods/dangerous substances


Safe transport between two destinations