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What is FTL Transport?

Transport via FTL, a term that is often used in the transport world. But what is FTL Transport? FTL stands for Full Truck Load, also known as Volle Truck Lading in Dutch. A fully loaded truck drives with your cargo directly from the loading location to the delivery location. MOCTB ensures that your FTL cargo is transported from A to B as you wish with our always reliable service!

Applications of FTL transport

With transport via FTL, a truck is fully loaded with your goods. And this truck only transports your cargo directly to your desired destination. This includes temperature-controlled full loads, 'dry' goods, ADR goods, construction machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.

Advantages of FTL transport

By using FTL transport, large quantities of goods can be transported in one go. This ensures that the price for transport is spread over a larger volume, which is more beneficial for you as a client. In addition, delivery is faster. Because only your cargo is in the truck, the transit time can be shorter, no intermediate stops are required for loading and unloading. A fast and efficient way of your transport!

FTL transport versus LTL transport

FTL transport assumes a full load of a truck. If you have fewer goods to transport, your cargo is covered groupage or LTL transportation, Less than TruckLoad. Your shipment is combined with different parties to obtain a full truck. You share the transport costs in order to optimize transport, with the great additional advantage that you contribute positively to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Another difference between FTL and LTL transport is the delivery times. Because it takes more time to combine multiple loads for the same route, but also because the transport is subject to multiple unloading and loading points, your cargo needs a longer transit time to reach your destination.

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Whatever you want to have transported and whatever quantity you want to transport in one go, MOCTB always has the right solution for you! MOCTB is your transport partner for Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain.

One point of contact, that's easy!

MOCTB is a very service-oriented organization, where you will have one permanent contact person. Your contact person will provide the tailor-made transport solution. MOCTB arranges your transport so that you get it the way you want it.

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