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What is Groupage Transport?

We depend on transport to get all products to the right place at the right time. With groupage transport, you as a (small) company have the opportunity to transport small loads of goods. Various loads from different companies are combined into one large load. MOCTB ensures that your goods are transported from A to B with our always reliable service.

Applications of groupage transport

Groupage transport is used for all forms of transport. Consider transport by road, sea or air. With all these modalities, your cargo shares a container or trailer with other parties who also transport their goods via groupage transport.

In addition to the transport of 'dry' goods, groupage transport can also be used very well for refrigerated transport, also known as conditioned transport. Groupage refrigerated transport is used by road, sea and air.

Advantages of groupage transport

By using groupage transport you ensure that the transport space is used as efficiently as possible. If multiple parties use the otherwise unused space, we as transporters can ensure that this space in containers is used optimally. This ensures savings and therefore works cost-efficiently. In addition, this has the great advantage that the ecological footprint remains minimal.

Groupage transport versus LTL transport

Groupage transport assumes loads of up to 6 pallets. If you have more goods to transport, your load falls under LTL transport, Less than TruckLoad. The shipment is so large that fewer different batches are combined to obtain a full load.

Groupage transport MOCtb

Regardless of what you want to have transported, from refrigerated, groupage transport, intermodal transport to the transport of large machines. MOCTB always has the right solution for you. MOCTB is your transport partner within Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain.

An agreement is an agreement and one point of contact

At MOCTB We have a very service-oriented organization, where you will have a permanent contact person who tailors the transport solution to your needs. MOCTB arranges your transport so that you get it the way you want it.

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