MOCtb wat is intermodaal transport?

What is Intermodal Transport?

We cannot do without transport. There is a large network of export and import of goods worldwide. We depend on the transport sector to get all those products to the right place at the right time. MOCTB ensures that your goods are transported from A to B with our reliable service. But there are so many different ways in which your goods can be transported. One of those ways is intermodal transport. But what does intermodal transport mean?

With intermodal transport we transport goods over long distances. We use a combination of different means of transport, such as trucks, trains, planes and ships. With intermodal transport, the goods are transported per loading unit. This means that your goods arrive at your desired destination by semi-trailer, sea container or by road, sea or air.


You will most often see semi-trailers transported by road. A semi-trailer in combination with a truck and a driver is accompanied transport. This transport can be transported to the final destination by rail and water. One speaks of unaccompanied transport if the goods are transported alone in a semi-trailer, without a truck and driver. Semi-trailers can be placed on special rail wagons for transport by train.

Shipping containers

As the name sea container suggests, these are containers that are transported by sea on special container ships. Shipping containers, also called ISO containers, must meet certain standards. All units are internationally standardized. The different loading units have different lengths and a few different widths. This ensures that they can be transported safely on container ships.

Swap bodies

Does a bin/container differ in size from the sea containers mentioned above? Then we speak of swap bodies in the transport world. This deviates from the ISO standard. The often larger internal dimensions ensure more efficient loading with, for example, Euro pallets. There are also more lengths available for swap bodies. In addition, swap bodies also differ in loading. There are 3 types of loading; craneable from above, craneable from below and side loading.

Benefits of intermodal transport arranged by MOCTB

By using intermodal transport arranged by MOCTB you have the advantage of fast delivery. The different transport methods are optimally combined with each other during your transport. Resulting in higher loading capacity and cost efficiency. In addition, intermodal transport is environmentally friendly due to the CO2 savings resulting from the combination of different transport methods. MOC also providesTB for all additional customs formalities.

Intermodal transport versus multimodal transport

With intermodal transport, goods are transported as a whole in a container, swap body on a semi-trailer. But when goods are transhipped, this is referred to as multimodal transport. You often see the transshipment of goods with large quantities of bulk goods, such as coal or iron ore. This is often a combination of transport such as a trailer, ship and ultimately a trailer to get it to its destination.

Transport denemarken

MOCTB is, just like intermodal transport, also specialized in multimodal transport within Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain.

Regardless of what you want to have transported, from refrigerated transport to agricultural transport or the transport of large machines. MOCTB always has the right solution for you.

An agreement is an agreement and one point of contact

At MOCTB We have a very service-oriented organization, where you will have a permanent contact person who tailors the transport solution to your needs. MOCTB arranges your transport so that you get it the way you want it.

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